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"Traditional and Modern Artistry of Men’s Grooming at it’s Finest"

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Meet Our Team

Mick McCauley


Mick is a pure professional. A traditional and modern Barber Artist who is a master of his trade. He's dedicated to serving his clients and providing for them a comfortable and nostalgic environment.

There is no haircut that he cannot do. None.

He received some of his training at one of the top 3 barber colleges in the nation! He knows his stuff and it shows.

He is a highly recommended and sought after Artist in central and southern Maine! 

Mick has helped others to reach their goals in the barbering industry and offers free extra training to all artists he hires. He intends to open multiple locations with more Artist's with a heart to serve, just like him.

Mick's an 'old soul' that loves dry humor, old shows and tunes and most importantly - to him, Jesus!

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Cancellation Policy For Appointments

Cancellations accepted before 3 hours of the scheduled service. 

Within 3 hours of the service, cancellations will be charged 50% of the scheduled cost.

Gentlemen's Quarters Barbershop

1270 Maine Highway 196, Lewiston, Maine 04240, United States

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